After more than three million miles of global travel and having spoken to hundreds of thousands face-to-face and multiple millions via radio and television, Winkie has wide experience in motivating leaders, ministers, educators and young people. Winkie is a mavin: a researcher and public communicator with the ability to take existing ideas, break them down to simpler forms and make them practical and freely available to others. His technical background in organic research chemistry and lifelong involvement with musicians and in the arts, has helped him analyze the bottom line of many key areas as diverse as popular youth culture, music, movies, classic and modern revival history and emerging communication and information technology.

Winkie has authored fifteen+ published books; manuals like the best-selling Youth Aflame! He helped helm the groundbreaking international Revival Study Bible, with over a hundred contributors from many streams of the church, the first to contain stories, segments and studies from 2,000 years of revival, evangelism and missions history gleaned from multiple nations, callings and visitations.

He, his wife Faeona, and son William are New Zealanders (his son is a US born dual-citizen), and maintain a permanent residence in Auckland, NZ.

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